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Drawstring bag, a bag of gatherable closure with drawstring. Satchel, a soft-sided case usually of leather, used to carry papers or books; usually has a handle and often has a strap.Duffle bag, a large bag usually used for travel or sports. Messenger bag, a bag with a long strap to be worn across the body.The truth is that everyone has issues and maybe building up a fake, perfect man in my mind was my biggest issue of all.I've been walking around with the ghost of my magic man.The story is about Amber, a mean popular girl who gets electrocuted and dies and is not allowed to enter into heaven unless she helps the least popular girl in school become Prom Queen within a week, but things do not go as planned.

There Lane (Hillary Duff) has the idea to combine dating and work place.They enter college together, where Katie is a prized legacy candidate for the Delta sorority, which was ...See full summary » Lane is looking for her "magic man".He's been haunting me, keeping me from a world of opportunities that were right in front of me...I can't write much a review because I stopped watching about 8 minutes in - right after Jaime Pressly's character says, "Business school would've been boring, but at least I would've come out with a guy" and then gets the brilliant idea to send Hilary's character "into the business world to find love." Because it's not like women would have any other interest or function in the corporate world otherwise. Anyway, had to turn it off, as I doubted any contrived lesson at the end was going to make the "Women just need Cosmo and a man" premise of this movie any better.

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