Who was george clooney dating in 2016

“My husband and I saw George and Amal about almost three weeks ago and they casually mentioned that they were expecting twins. In this new world of acrimonious divorces, there are, happily, some high-profile ex-spouses bucking the trend.“And we now know because there was a playlist so we know how long it actually took, and it was like 25 minutes. George and Amal Clooney were spotted out and about in Lake Como, Italy, last week, where they put us all to shame in their dinner date attire.

In any case, wealth — not crazy money, but a lack of need — tends to produce more stable families, or at least poverty produces unstable ones, especially if there are kids involved.

George opted for more of a casual look in jeans and a sports coat.

The two enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner at Villa d’Este restaurant in Cernobbio, Italy, last Monday.

George and Amal spent March of 2014 jet-setting together.

The couple took a trip to the Seychelles and to Tanzania and then to New York City, where they reportedly stayed at the Carlyle Hotel.

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