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"I bought this [photograph] on a recent trip to Amsterdam.

The antiques street by the newly reopened Rijks Museum was staggeringly over-priced.

Boer" which translates as "Presumably Mrs Gowthorpe nee Boer" (thanks to Stereomania for the first word - [...]).

The pencil writing underneath is apparently from the dealer's own research, making connections to the Ritter family and what appears to be the names Godard Gowthorpe 1833-1879 and Maria Cornelia [?

I do not know whether that supports the suggestion that the Gowthorpes were of Scottish origin.children from wealthy families. Much to the dislike of her father and uncle Dirk a relationship developed between the two.

Therefore, on this second Saturday in January I like to express my gratitude to her for the source of inspiration she still is.

In the genealogical chart below I have mentioned all Dutch people playing a part in the above story.

] Johanna Boer 1836-1865 and I think it suggests they were married in 1855.

Update Nov '13: I couldn't seem to find anything that matches this on Ancestry, but if you look at further information added to the image of the reverse (see thumbnail and link below) you'll see that I am increasingly confident that this is Maria Cornelia Johanna Boer who married Godert Alexander Francois Gowthorpe, whilst another member of the Gowthorpe family married a Ritter.

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