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But he came into his own in his re-imagined form as a Brooklyn-born plumber, with the original 1985 Super Mario Bros, which saw him forget all about his earthly lover as he fought to rescue Princess Peach of the mystical Mushroom Kingdom.It is home to magical fungi which make Mario double in size into his super form, which allows him in turn to seek further powerups including a flower that allows him to toss fireballs and, in later games, a cape that sees him soar like Superman.Lizard King Koopa (Hopper) runs the alternate city and has kidnapped fugitive Princess Daisy (Mathis), an orphan who was raised from an egg by nuns in our world, and who has just caught the attention of Luigi Mario (Leguizamo), younger brother and business partner of mustachioed plumber Mario Mario (Hoskins).

These drafts are presented in order by the date in which they were written with brief notes on the tone, themes and content within as well as the reason why they were revised further.

And Nintendo bosses will also be hoping the new film fares better than the disastrous 1993 live action film, which starred Bob Hoskins as the moustachioed mushroom user.

Made on a then whopping budget of million by Disney subsidiary Hollywood Pictures, it opened to dire reviews and ended up making just million at the box office.

Roberts, Lance Henriksen, Sylvia Harman, Desiree Marie Velez, Andrea Powell Synopsis: Storyline: Can you make a movie out of a video game? Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, two hard working plumbers find themselves in an alternate universe where evolved dinosaurs live in medium hi-tech squalor.

They find themselves the only hope to save the Earth from invasion...

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