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Chantal and Hutch murdered Prison Warden Murphy, then bounced to Wendy’s (Old Fashioned Hamburgers, no less). Are we really supposed to think that Evil Coop doesn’t know this? And he tells us that Richard never had a father (which we must presume to mean “never had a father around.”) Then Ben reminisces about his own father and a beloved two-tone green bicycle (shades of ’s “Rosebud”).And finally, Diane discovers that the precious coordinates everyone’s been so desperate to learn lead to none other than the town of Twin Peaks. Ben gives Cooper’s old hotel room key to Frank as a memento for Harry (Note: if they aren’t setting Michael Ontkean up for a surprise cameo I am going to burn down America).

Finally, their seemingly arranged or “contracted” marriage seems to be an endless and bitter power struggle that topples one way and then the other. Yes, Audrey Horne is now the messy, sexy (still so sexy) grande dame of Twin Peaks, Washington. But it was absolutely brilliant and it makes perfect sense.

You should note that the specific jerky brand is “ALBATROSS” and that an albatross is a metaphor for a dead weight or heavy emotional burden that one must carry and cannot easily throw off.

If anyone is carrying an emotional burden around (one that would certainly drive her to drink) it’s poor Sarah Palmer, whose dead husband raped and killed her daughter, and then murdered her niece.

It seems that Billy’s truck was stolen, and then returned, but that Billy has been missing for two days.

You should remember that Deputy Andy interrogated (who we think is) Billy about his stolen truck after Richard Horne’s hit and run.

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As she says herself, “It’s a goddamn bad story, isn’t it? Jacoby is still vlogging to an enraptured Nadine (are we just seeing a repeat of his commercial?

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