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Nah, that was easy, I just stood there and closed my eyes.

The newest obscure boy toy belongs to Lana Del Rey and her slickly produced video for "Born to Die." His name: Bradley Soileau, a 25-year-old New-York-based model with a tattoo across his brow reading "War Inside my Head." In the video, a shirtless Soileau clutches and makes out with Del Rey among oppulent scenery and car rides. I don't get to make plans to work with Lana again, so the real question is, does Lana have plans to work with me again?

They were like, "Yo, are you cool shooting really intimate bedroom scenes? So it’s amazing what someone looks like once they are backed by money, compared to what they look like when they are broke. They should be obsessed with her voice, and her music because it’s fucking amazing.

I was really nervous about it at first because I’ve never acted, but they kind of boosted my head up before I went out. It doesn’t look good, they didn’t have a bunch of money backing it and so on and so forth. All my friends were like, "Dude, in the car scene, you didn’t have an erection? There are 50 people, big lights, and while we are in the car there is a walky-talky sitting right next to us, and Yoann is screaming "More tongue!

The model, actor, and musician best known as Lana Del Rey's on-screen lover just reprised his role for a third time in the singer's video for her new single, "West Coast," which precedes her sophomore album, .

His rugged good looks and rebellious demeanor may appeal to Del Rey's fans, but Soileau—who’s now appeared in three Del Rey videos including "West Coast," "Blue Jeans," and "Born To Die"—never craved stardom.

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