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This has already proved very useful when making applications for Grant assistance towards conservation or restoration of specific carriages, and by putting preserving groups or individuals in touch with one another for the exchange of information and for the joint purchasing of raw materials or specially made items.

"Steamers - to Aberdeen in 27 hrs; to Amsterdam (Wednesdays); to Antwerp (Wed.

and Sat.); to Bremen (Sat.); to Christiansand and Christiania; to Copenhagen; to Dundee; to Dunkirk (Wed. Sat.); to Lynn; to Newcastle; to Rotterdam; to Stettin; to St. There are also steamers to Gainsborough, in 3 ½ hrs.; to Goole, in 2 hrs.; to Grimsby, in 1 ½ hr.; and to York, in 6 ½ hrs. Robins of Hull making the eighth smack built for Mr. 80 x 21 x 11 ft, 87 tons, engines by Messrs Wright & Son.

and Sat.); to Edinburgh (Fri.); to Gottenburg (Sat.); to Havre (Tues.); to Hamburgh (Tues, Thurs. The starting-places and times of sailing of all these steamers are duly advertised, and may generally be found in Bradshaw. Picture Link April 1886 - On Tuesday morning at eight o;clock Mr George Brown, shipbuilder, Sculcoates Bridge, successfully launched a fine new trawler for Mr. April 1887 "May Flower" Wooden Screw Smack built Sculcoates, official No.

capable of carrying one 24 pounder and one 32 pounder; the 'Albion',of 42 tons and 50 h.p., and the 'Pelham' of 60 tons and 40 h.p. and the 'Calder' of 75 tons and 40 h.p., one 24 pounder and one 32 pounder each; the 'Transit' of 332 tons and 170 h.p., one 68 pounder and two 32 pounder; the 'London' of 150 tons and 100 h.p., two 32 pounders and one 24 pounder; the'Hotspur' of 14 tons one 18 pounder and one 24 pounder; the 'Helen Mv Gregor' of 436 tons and 330 h.p.

and the 'Queen of Scotland' of 435 tons and 160 h.p. All persons who stand indebted to the estate and effects of Peter Atkinson, of Sculcoates, otherwise Scowscotts, in the county of York, ship-builder, a bankrupt, are requested to pay their respective debts immediately to Mr. George Fletcher, the assignees, otherwise actions at law will be commenced against them for the recovery thereof, without further notice. October 1803 - For sale the Brig 'Mary' per register 140 tons, a very fine substantial built vessel about five years old, ornamented with handsome figure head, in complete repair, abundant found with good stores, sails very fast and carries a large cargo.

one 68 pounder and two 32 pounders each; the 'Amazon' one 18 pounder and one 24 pounder; the 'Cambridge' of 99 tons and 45 h.p., two 32 pounders; the 'Senator' of 160 tons and 28 h.p., one 68 pounder and two 32 pounders, as also the 'Gazelle' of 269 tons and 100 h.p.; the 'Margaret' of 140 tons and 28 h.p., three 32 pounders; the 'Tiger' of 17 tons and 18 h.p., one 18 pounder and one 24 pounder; the 'Rob Roy' of 354 tons and 190 h.p., one 68 pounder and two 32 pounders and the 'Victoria' of 392 tons and 330 h.p., the same amount of armament. 47054, registered Middlesborough, 77 tons for Robert Gillian, Middlesborough. The new Brig 'Scout' per register 90 tons,peculiarly adapted for the coasting or any other trade where a vessel of her dimensions is wanted, shifts without ballast, sails fast and carries a large cargo at a very easy draught of water. Atkinson, Ship Builder, Limes Street, Hull, returns sincere thanks to his friends, for their liberal support during his late partnership with Mr. John King, and begs leave to inform them as soon as the late partnership concerns are settled, he will carry on the business in Lime Street, on his own account, and humbly hopes for a continuance of their favours. To let, a ship or timber yard with shades, advantageously situated in Lime Street, adjoining the Barracks and lately used as a Ship Builders Yard.

This survey will allow them (also others, younger - but still of importance) to be identified and recognised.

An important aspect of the project is to survey each carriage's present condition and record sufficient information to be able to assess its historical significance.

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