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When I used to get the children’s stockings ready on Christmas Eve I’d always do it with a glass of wine and I would end up putting some of the presents in the wrong stockings.” Reading Pooley’s description of her alcohol consumption of around a bottle a day – the expensive stuff, so she could think of herself as a connoisseur, not a lush – it’s hard to resist totting up one’s own intake and, in my case, telling myself it’s OK, I’m not in that league.But I do know a fair few people who knock that much back and it doesn’t seem, to me, that extraordinary. Wondering if I too have a skewed view of alcohol, I read up on the recommended weekly intake of 14 units, and am slightly shocked to learn that this constitutes less than a bottle and a half of wine, or five pints of beer, per week.She describes her young adult self as a kind of Bridget Jones figure.In fact, at one point, when some documentary filmmakers were looking for “real-life Bridget Joneses”, they called her.

Maybe not the reaching for wine at 11am, but the guilt and self-recrimination, the torture of recovering from a night of drinking, with children around.She was now, she writes, a 46-year-old “boring, podgy, middle-aged housewife, alone at home with the chores”, having her own little “party for one” with her wine glass.Pooley tells me this has been her third sober Christmas and now she can’t believe she ever did it while drinking.“But also a lot of people were drinking just as much as I was.And it’s very normalised amongst mothers, so all the jokes you hear on Facebook about wine o’clock and mummy’s little helper, make drinking on your own and drinking daily seem normal and acceptable.

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” But still, she retrieves an unfinished bottle of wine from the cupboard and reaches for a mug (she doesn’t want her children to see her with a wine glass at this hour).

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