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Have the other person cut up the tomato while you're cooking together.If they don't wash the tomato this can mean they are careless.What contemporary test is a good litmus test for today? No one sticks the key in a lock anymore and if you press the button to unlock the passenger door, it will automatically unlock the driver door too.What contemporary test is a good litmus test for today? Biggest catch is that the setup probably only works after a few dates and not for a first date. You can tell a lt about someone, male or female with this simple test.Lots of women are the "walking wounded" -- they carry around unresolved hurt and anger from past relationships and expect the new men in their lives to tolerate their outbursts.To evaluate your girlfriend's baggage level, quiz her about her past boyfriends.

This person knows how to work with what they have and don't expect that a new whatever will just be there for them when they need it.

On a low key Thursday night hanging out at your place with some wine, pizza & must see TV, if she doesn't put her wine glass down and pitch in someway somehow with the pizza or salad or whatever that you're juggling in the kitchen and prepping for you two, then you dump her and dump her fast. Get a tomato that has a defect on one side, rotten, bruised, or just plain ugly.

By one side i mean roughly half of the tomato needs to be unusable. Be sure to have additional tomatoes of perfect quality in plain sight.

Some get anxious on first dates, so they don’t shine, while others are on their best behavior, so their not-so-great qualities don’t emerge until later.

“I think it’s always important to keep an open mind,” said psychologist Kate Wachs, Chicago-based founder of The Relationship Center and author of “Relationships for Dummies.” “Your first impressions can be totally off.

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Power locks, alas, had rendered the “door test” irrelevant. Dating culture is awash in compatibility tests and rules, as fans of “He’s Just Not That Into You” well know.

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