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“Hey – come over here a minute.” He pulled me away from the club doorway and around the side of the building into a narrow alley, lit by a single streetlight. ” I was worried that he might have changed his mind after all.Despite all my nerves, I knew I’d be disappointed if we just turned around and went home.Or what if it was the other way around, and I was showing too much flesh and looked desperate?Just as I was starting to panic, Greg suddenly tightened his grip on my hand.I closed my eyes and moaned softly into his mouth as he worked first one, then two fingers inside me, setting up a quick rhythm while he thumbed my clit.

“I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous you look tonight.” Relieved, I told him, “You look pretty good yourself, babe.” It was true. Lit by the dim streetlight, I could just see the curve of his lips as he smiled, teasing me.He kissed me again, stifling my gasp as his thumb circled my clit, teasing my opening with his fingers.His free hand had found my breast, rubbing his palm lightly against the rapidly hardening nipple through my dress.Greg, with his greater experience, did some research on the internet looking at online dating sites for swingers.As we didn’t know any couples with similar tastes in our area and I was shy about sharing too much information online, we’d decided a club was the best option.

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He might have a couple more lines at the corners of his eyes than when we met, but that just made his smile look better. “And if they do, they’ll just be jealous.” I shivered as his fingers slid up my thigh; if I was honest, the open air and the thrill of maybe being seen just added to the excitement and I knew that when he got where he was going he’d find me already wet.

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