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My eyes darted back and forth behind sunglasses, scoping out the field. This was it — the first day of swim lessons in our new town — the ultimate pick-up scene. •Your boyfriend makes you feel stupid, fat, ugly or unworthy of anything •He has cheated on you. •He calls you a bitch, or a slut, or a whore, or any other derogatory name. Are You Staying With Him Because: • He makes you feel confident, empowered and appreciated……..•He doesn’t have the same morals and values as you do. OR BECAUSE you feel like you don’t deserve to want someone better than him. She is a lover of new notebooks, October, and goat cheese, and a hater of traffic, scary movies, and overcooked asparagus.

OR BECAUSE Everyone in his life lets him down, and you feel bad adding yourself to that list.• He lets you have your own life and lots of friends, independent of him……..OR BECAUSE He’s the only person you have, and you are afraid that without him you will be all alone. To my dismay, my target dropped off her son and proceeded to leave. Neither of us mentioned gender-neutral toy aisles, immunizations, organic food, or Donald Trump. I'm not required to sit by the fence giving a thumbs up every time my daughter puts her whole head under water? Conversation stayed within the recommended boundaries for early dates — summer vacation plans, preschool, and best local restaurants. "Hey," she said, "Before you go, we have to be sure to exchange numbers."Genius.

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  1. I will never know anyway 🙂 Travel, surprises, music, dancing, sports, books, last minute plans, open mind, photography, museum, craziness, spontaneity, going out (but also staying in), sharing, simplicity, respect, flip flops (yes, the sandals), down to earth (however fantasy is also very important), people, casual, word, news, work, sense of humor about yourself, awareness.

  2. "My days are broken up pretty specifically."Back in 2011, Lee shocked the world when a Food Network blooper reel leaked, showing the star making crude jokes on set and—*gasp! At one point, she quips, "I'm semi-homemade—all of me," while grabbing her breasts.