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**Must also purchase 500 yen drink fee at the door.Milestones, with their plaque citations, are listed below in chronological order of the achievement.Between July 4 and October 24, 1861, a telegraph line was constructed by the Western Union Company between St.Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California, thereby completing the first high-speed communications link between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.Two other bouts announced were Pan Hui from China vs Kyu Kitano, and Madoka vs Mitsuki Furase.

Maxwell’s equations today underpin all modern information and communication technologies.To make it easier for people to visit the sites of IEEE Milestones we have also made a page with addresses, maps, and satellite images. Here are the Milestone Program Guidelines and submit a proposal here.In April 1751 the Royal Society published Benjamin Franklin's book, "Experiments and Observations on Electricity: Made in Philadelphia in America." A collection of letters to London's Peter Collinson, it described Franklin's ideas about the nature of electricity and how electrical devices worked, and new experiments to investigate lightning. During these years, Franklin popularized the study of electricity, performed experiments, and served as an advisor on lightning conductors.When the dates of the milestone are a range and overlap, our convention is to list them by the start date of the work, e.g.1961-1972 comes before 1962, which comes before 1962-1965, which comes before 1964, etc.

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